TITAN Skateboard Tool

TITAN skate tool fits on your keys, and includes 7 skate tools plus a free logo tool-chain and die-cut sticker: wheel wrench - kingpin wrench - 3/8 truck wrench - allen wrench - phillips - griptape file - bottle opener

1/8 inch hex/allen screwdriver

Skate tool #1 has an allen wrench for mounting or tightening skate trucks like a champ. In fact both tools are exactly 1/8 inch thick.

Phillips screwdriver

Skate tool #1 has a #2 phillips for mounting or removing skate trucks. It's tough as balls since it's tempered steel.

Kingpin (9/16") wrench

Tighten or loosen your kingpin with this enclosed socket-style skate wrench also on skate tool #1.

Grip-tape file

Never ones to let space go to waste, tool #1 has an aggressive steel-toothed grip-tape file for set-ups on the go.

3/8 inch truck nut wrench

The whole reason TITAN skate tool is 2 tools not one, is so this wrench can turn your nuts while the other allen or Phillips holds your truck mount screws. Genius.

Wheel wrench

Skate tool #2 has a wheel wrench to fix that rattle, replace that blown out bearing or mount a whole damn set at the park. Plus there's a trusty bottle-opener.

The Skate Tool Built to Last

TITAN skateboard tools are made from tempered carbon steel so you don't have to worry about the phillips or allen wrench stripping, or the file dulling quickly, or the bottle-opener busting off. If anything we've made them too strong so you never have to buy another skate tool again. Our lost future sale is your gain and that's how we like it. Plus each tool is finished in hot black oxide which doesn't change tool dimensions or chip like paint, plus it looks cool and helps prevent rusting.

Two tools for a reason

Hold your truck nuts underneath and the top with the other hex/allen tool.

Phillips that won't strip easily

Nobody likes a phillips driver that strips. Including us, so it's tempered steel.

King of the king-pin wrenches

Compact size while doing just what you need. Turn it, flip it over, turn it more, repeat.

Saber-toothed grip file

The tempered steel grip-tape file is there for gripping a deck on the go.

Fix those wobbly trucks

Set-up a new board anywhere and use the other tool to hold the screws from the top.

Fix that shake, rattle and roll

New wheels, loose wheels, crap bearings...all are no problem with this tool.

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